Is the CBD oil the cure?

As days push by, the CBD oil narrative is getting even more famous.
What exactly is this oil? Is it a profound solution against the plethora of pain points that people go through every day? Or is it just some sort of marketing gimmick? 
More on CBD oil
Cannabidiol or simply CBD is a chemical by-product of the cannabis plant. This plant has different species. Such comprises hemp and marijuana.  
In the case of CBD, it majorly comes from the hemp. However, there are minuscule amounts in marijuana plants.
The marijuana plants harbor more of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and less of Cannabidiol. THC is the compound known for making the user get high. CBD, on the other hand, lacks these narcotic properties.
The user can then rest assured that they won’t feel ay mind-bending effects after consuming CBD oil.  
CBD gets extracted from the stalks, leaves, and buds of the above plants. Different methods are then used to extract some oil from these parts. That’s how CBD oil comes into existence. 
Why CBD can cure many things
You may be wondering what makes a plant derivative give such promising claims to the human body.
All mammals including humans have the Endocannabinoid System. It is a system of neurotransmitters that helps in striking a balance between the moods and immunity in the body. 
This body organ has signals relays, famously called cannabinoid receptors. The receptors consist of CB1 and CB2.
CBD, being a cannabinoid then has a direct bond with these receptors to offer its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties. 
CBD oil helps in curing certain pain-points since it contains substantial amounts of CBD.
So, why exactly does CBD help in curing many things? Simply because it binds with the cannabinoid receptors of the body to kick-start its therapeutic merits. 
Conditions cured by CBD
As afore-mentioned, all mammals have the endocannabinoid system. There are lots of pieces of research on the internet today that CBD works in alleviating certain conditions.
CBD oil for anxiety, depression, and stress
According to the World Health organization, the above three are the most common mental disorders worldwide. 
The Cannabidiol in the CBD oil assists in balancing the serotonin levels in the body. That way, these mental conditions get their solution in due course. 
CBD oil for a restful sleep
Insomnia sufferers have their solution in place – CBD oil. Mental distress is among the most common causes of the condition.
Now that CBD oil helps in balancing serotonin levels as seen above, the victim has a guarantee that they will sleep soundly.
CBD oil for skin nourishment
Struggling with acne is disheartening. 
CBD oil has a myriad of anti-inflammatory properties. That being said, applying the oil on your skin assists in controlling the overproduction of sebum. Excessive sebum production is the coral cause of acne.
CBD oil for pain management 
Combatting different types of pain is a nightmare for many pharmaceutical drug users. The unison in the interaction between CBD oil and the cannabinoid receptors assists in eliminating pain.
The takeaway
The list is painstakingly long. The Cannabidiol in CBD oil is the primal compound that makes it an efficient solution when it comes to curing such many conditions.
The best thing is that there are no side effects or getting high associated with CBD oil. You can enjoy getting cured while maintaining your sobriety.